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What is the PING?

But what is a ping? This corresponds to the round trip time of a request sent to another machine, that is to say the response time between your PC and a server (computer connected to the Internet network on which is stored a web site for example ).
Your Ping depends mainly on your Internet connection. Its value is expressed in milliseconds and may be less than 10ms for a very good ping and exceed 200ms for a low-speed connection (this can rise much more). The lower the more it is considered good.
Its value remains almost constant, but you can occasionally see your ping deteriorate in case of work on the line, problems in the installations (which may require deviations from traffic) or if the remote site is overloaded and takes longer to reply.
To know your ping a simple manipulation can be carried out:
- Go to the Start menu and in the search section type "cmd" without the quotation marks.
- A window opens, press ENTER.
A command prompt window is now open. Type following the line already present (with a space between ping and address):
Ping www.google.com


You can choose the address you want, from the moment the site is accessible (exists).
The command here indicates an average ping of 31ms (see red bottom frame); You can restart the command several times to different addresses to confirm your own value.
After several attempts you should obtain similar values ​​(depending on the number of connected, the affluence, the geographical location of the server, etc ...).


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What is the PING?

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