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Checking the Telephone Installation

For landline subscriptions:

Check the cables.

The issue may come from a false contact in the plug. Unplug your landline plug, then replug it.

If you are using a wireless telephone, make sure its base is electrically powered and that it is properly connected to the landline. Check that your telephone is charged and paired with the base (see the user manual).

If you have an Internet connection, make sure that an ADSL filter is installed on the plugs where your equipment is connected. If not, install an ADSL filter. Failure to install such filter may result in unstable communications due to the Internet signal sent to La BOX.

filtre adsl


Check your equipment.

The issue may come from a failing equipment connected to one of your telephone plugs. 

Unplug all your telephones, then plug one of them (preferably a wired telephone). Pick up the telephone and check that there is a tone and dial a number.

If the call is successful, your installation is not the issue and your telephone line is operating properly. The issue must lie with one of your telephones.

To determine which one, restart the procedure with each of them until the call is not successful.

Check your telephone plugs.

If your installation includes several telephone plugs, unplug all your telephones and connect only one of them on one plug. Carry out this procedure for every plug until you get a tone. 
If you get a tone on one of them, this means your line is operating properly. The issue comes from the plug with no tone. You will need to get it fixed by an electrician.


For One and Ultra Haut Débit subscribers:

Check the telephone light.

If this light is off, restart La BOX. Check your telephone connection on La BOX green port or UHD BOX grey plug.


Note: Because your landline uses the Internet network, you will not hear a dial tone if you plug your telephone directly into a telephone plug.


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Checking the Telephone Installation

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