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Restriction Service

To control your budget, the restriction service enables you to prohibit or limit the use of your telephone line. You can choose between temporary restriction and permanent restriction. 

  • Permanent Restriction enables you to pre-define the countries you can call with your line. Contact Customer Service to activate the service.


With Temporary Restriction, you can define the restriction level using your landline. Have your secret code on hand, and dial *34* with your telephone, followed by your 4-digit secret code (by default: 0000), then * then the level of restriction 2, 3, or 4. Press #.

To cancel the temporary restriction service: #34* "4-digit secret code" #.

To change your secret code: *33* "4-digit secret code" * "new secret code"*"new secret code" *.
If you forgot your password, visit our store with an ID. You must be the owner of the telephone line.


The three restriction levels (1, 2, or 3):


Zone 4: Enables you to make calls to the following numbers: 

  • Monaco's emergency services (fire and police station)
  • Monaco
  • Toll free numbers in France and Monaco
  • Information (12)
  • Voice mail (100)
  • Usage tracking (300)
  • Enabling or disabling convenience services (secret identity, clock, restriction service, call forwarding when no answer, call forwarding when busy)  


Zone 3: Enables you to make calls to the following numbers:

  • All zone 4 calls
  • France
  • Azur numbers (0801 ; 0810)
  • Indigo numbers (0802 ; 0803 ; 0820 ; 0825; 0826)   


Zone 2: Enables you to make calls to the following numbers: 

  • All zone 3 calls
  • Mobile numbers in France and Monaco
  • Europe + Faroe Islands, The Azores, Madeira, San Marino, Switzerland
  • USA, Canada

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Restriction Service

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