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Invoices and Payments

Accessing invoices

You can access your last invoices by logging to your account myMT for your Internet plan.

To find out how to log into your account myMT, refer to the article Accessing my Account.


What is included in my invoice?

Your invoice has two parts: a summary of key information, and a detail of your plan, options, usage and services invoiced for the month.


Your payments

Can I pay my invoice by logging into my account myMT?

If you do not use automatic debit, you can pay your invoices with a Visa Card by logging to your account.


How much time do I have to pay my invoice?

You have 10 days from the date of the invoice. 


What about the SEPA standard for automatic debits?

In accordance with European law, Monaco Telecom now applies the SEPA standard for all debits. If the debit system is already in place for your account, you do not need to change anything.

Download the form.


How to receive paper invoices?

You can choose to receive paper invoices by subscribing to the option "Facture papier détaillée" in our store. You can also contact Customer Service.


What are the advantages of the electronic invoice?

> Convenient: You can access you past invoices (PDF format).

> Simple: You can view, download or print your invoices at any time.

> Eco-friendly: You no longer receive paper invoices, and you view them online.

> You will receive a monthly email when your invoice is available online.

> Free, with no commitment


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Invoices and Payments

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