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Pairing the Bluetooth® Remote Control

attention exclamation triangular signal If you have a remote control other than the one described below, we invite you to exchange it in shop, rue du Gabian with the latest version of remote control available to benefit from new developments.


Your remote control must be paired with the Box before using it. This step is done when you first install La BOX. If your remote loses connection with your box you can associate it again by simultaneously pressing buttons 7 and 9 until the button Home is lit.

Wait until the following message is displayed.

Your remote control is Bluetooth® so you do not need to point it towards the Box to switch channels.


If you can not pair your remote control with your Box, follow these steps:

- Remove the batteries from the 2 compartments of the remote control for 30 seconds.

- Switch on your box with the button on off

- Press buttons 1 and 3 simultaneously until the button illuminates Home

- Press buttons 4 and 6 simultaneously until the button illuminates Home

- Press buttons 7 and 9 simultaneously until the button illuminates Home, the button must remain on for 30 seconds until the on-screen message appears.

 Warning: The ON/Sleep button will not work if your BOX is enclosed in a piece of furniture.


To use the remote control, see:

- Navigate with your Bluetooth® remote control

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Pairing the Bluetooth® Remote Control

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