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The Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to keep a channel as a thumbnail image in a corner of the screen.

• This feature can be useful when waiting for the end of a program (displayed as a thumbnail) while switching through other programs.

• Only the sound of the main channel fully displayed on the screen is on.

• By default, this feature is enabled on La BOX.



Starting PIP

Method 1

• Start from "zapbanner" using the arrow key at the bottom.

• Scroll through the channels using the up and down arrows.

• When positioned on the target channel, press the "Info" key.

• The PIP launches in a corner of the screen.

• Close the Zapbanner by pressing the button


Method 2

• When viewing a program.

• Press and hold the "Info" button.

• Launch in the upper left corner of a video screen of the channel being watched.

• You can then zap to other channels waiting for the program to return.









To switch from the current channel to the channel present on the PIP, press the button.

To delete the PIP, press the "Info" button once, then move to "Preview" with the right arrow key. Finish by pressing the center button on the keypad.


Setting the PIP

Press button  on your remote then select "Settings" then "User Settings" then "PIP". You can change the location of the PIP and its size.


*Zapbanner: You can open the Zapbanner with the arrow button at the bottom of your remote control.




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