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Mobile International Connection from Outside Monaco and France

To avoid additional charges, Monaco Telecom recommends being cautious when abroad.

Follow these three recommendations when traveling abroad:

1. Disable automatic data reception

If you do not want to be invoiced for receiving unsolicited data, before you leave, disable the automatic reception of data as well as Wifi-Fi Assist (IPhones only). Follow this procedure on your smartphone.




1. Swipe down from the top of the screen one time with two fingers or two times with one finger.

2. Tap Settings > Data Management.

3. If needed, tap the Cellular tab.

4. Turn off the Mobile Data button.

To enable data services, turn on Mobile Data.















1. Settingsreglageiphone

2. Cellular Data


3. Options


4. Disable Data Roaming


5. Disable Wi-Fi Assistance at the bottom of the page.






1. Swipe down the notification bar.

2. Tap Settings →

3. Connections →

4. More networks →

5. Wi-Fi networks.

6. Uncheck Data Roaming.











2. Pay attention to Monaco Telecom's alerts

To protect you from excessive charges, Monaco Telecom has implemented a system of alert notifications by SMS when your data roaming usage reaches certain levels.

3. Subscribe to the Internet Roaming Ajustable Europe option, or to a global Internet package

To fully enjoy your smartphone or your 3G key when traveling in Europe, consider subscribing to the Internet Roaming Ajustable Europe option.
When traveling outside Europe, subscribe to one of the Internet Roaming Monde packages.
This will give you preferential prices on your connections from abroad.

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Mobile International Connection from Outside Monaco and France

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