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Roshan launches 3g "Jahaan" In Afghanistan


"It has always been Roshan's vision to leverage technology and innovation to bridge critical needs gaps and improve the lives of those in the community. 3G Jahaan is the next step in that vision, and a leap forward for the people of Afghanistan," Karim Khoja, Roshan Chief Executive Officer, said. "Today's launch of our 3G service reinforces Roshan's ongoing mission to providing the highest quality service and enabling greater access for our customers. 3G Jahaan is not just about speed, but our continued commitment to the overall customer experience," Khoja added.
His Excellency Amir Zai Sangin, Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) for the government of Afghanistan said, "The launch of Roshan 3G services is another major step in transforming Afghanistan into an information society. Roshan recognizes the value that world-class telecommunications services can bring – not only to the Afghan people, but the international community as a whole."
Roshan's investment in 3G technology is also part of the company's continued mission to leverage the telecommunications infrastructure to support development in health (telemedicine) and education (e-learning). In 2003, just giving people the ability to satisfy a basic need of simply talking to one another was innovation. Today, Roshan 3G Jahaan's enhanced connectivity services will not only increase the delivery of robust product and data offerings, but facilitate improved life-saving telemedicine technology for those patients in need of medical treatment. And, for the next generation of Afghan leaders, 3G Jahaan will amplify learning access with e-learning tools.
Last month Roshan secured a loan from the International Finance Corporation, in the amount of $65 million, to support the acquisition of the company's 3G spectrum license and continued development of network infrastructure.

For more information about how customers can enroll in Roshan 3G Jahaan service, please visit http://www.roshan.af/Roshan/3G.aspx

Learn more about Roshan at www.roshan.af and/or www.facebook.com/RoshanConnects.