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Roshan experiences

In 2003, Monaco Telecom formed a consortium with the Aga Khan Found for Economic Development (AKFED) whichwon the bid for the first GSM license in Afghanistan. Monaco Telecom supported Roshan in launching the mobile network in Kabul (configuration & optimization) in coordination with the network supplier.

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2003 - 2008 :


On-site Monaco Telecom technical team prepared and coordinated the deployement of the network accross the country in close relationship with local team. Monaco Telecom engineers formed an on call hit team to support Roshan on network issues. International Traffic & Roaming (agreements & tariff plan) was managed by Monaco Telecom.

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2008 - 2013 :


Investment appraisal through CAPEX committees (including roadmap review) brought by Monaco Telecom. Network KPI reports and network audit methodologies were also transferred to teams to help Roshan monitor its network.

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2013 - 2015 :


In 2013, Roshan launched its 3G services in Kabul & major cities. Monaco Telecom jointly worked with local teams to define the strategy of the operator (5-year plan and CAPEX review) & helped in launching 3G in Afghanistan.

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