Vodafone is now Epic

Epic brings “great Network together with great Value” and unveils major tariff and network changes for everyone to discover better

Today, Vodafone Malta announced its new brand name following its acquisition by Monaco Telecom in April. The brand name Epic launches a new era for the company, as well as for the country's telecommunications.

The new brand promises to deliver an epic communications experience by bringing together two powerful features: a state-of-the-art network along with great value. This is reflected in the brand’s tagline: Great Network. Great Value. A proposition that brings together the best elements in telecommunications and, for the very first time, Maltese consumers can enjoy both without making any compromises.

During a press conference, Epic’s Chief Executive Officer Tamas Banyai introduced the four main pillars of change: tariffs, infrastructure, service portfolio expansion and customer experience.

Great Value
A great network deserves great value tariffs for everyone to enjoy. Epic is announcing game changing tariff plans. For the first time in Malta, access to unlimited tariffs is no longer bound to a 24-month contract. Top-up offers will include double the voice, SMS and data versus similar packages from other operators at the same price. Unlimited mobile plans are now extended to business tariffs.

For Epic, it is critical that its plans are accessible to everyone to enjoy its great network with propositions that offer great value.

Great Network
Epic will continue investing in its network and service quality along with its roaming services abroad. The company currently has an international roaming footprint of 220 countries and 175 4G roaming partner networks worldwide.

Mr Banyai said: “Today, we are mostly known for the quality of our mobile services. But for families, we are already offering home broadband including fibre. And for businesses we are providing internet bandwidth, telephony, data center services, international connectivity and more. So when we say great network and service from Epic, we mean that we are providing solutions for all the communication needs of our customers,”

“The company, Mr Banyai continued, “will be investing more into our customer service, building new digital tools to make it simpler and easier for customers to use Epic’s service. The company is also launching a new mobile application and a new web portal, which come with a simpler user interface and features to make our customers’ lives easier.

It’s obvious that there is a breath of fresh air in Malta’s telecommunication market and Epic is inaugurating a new era of limitless possibilities for everyone to discover better!

Welcome to Epic!






About Monaco Telecom : Monaco Telecom is the incumbent operator of the Principality of Monaco, delivering fixed, internet, TV, mobile services, as well as international data connectivity, housing and cloud services.
Monaco Telecom has developed a strong technological approach to telecommunications: in July 2019, Monaco Telecom was the first operator to launch 5G with a nationwide coverage; and in fixed broadband, it provides 1Gbs access to all households.
Monaco Telecom owns Epic, leading alternative operator in Cyprus and the leading mobile operator in Malta.
Monaco Telecom is owned by the Government of Monaco and by NJJ Holding, a European family of telecoms companies made up of leading operators in the markets of Monaco, Switzerland, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta. NJJ Holding is owned by French Entrepreneur Xavier Niel, who also controls Iliad/Free, a leading telecommunication player in France and Italy.r opérateur alternatif à Chypre. Monaco Telecom est détenu par l’Etat Monégasque et la holding NJJ Capital, qui détient un portefeuille de sociétés de premier plan sur les marchés télécoms de Monaco, de Suisse, d'Irlande, de Pologne, de Chypre et, désormais, de Malte. L’homme d’affaires français Xavier Niel, qui contrôle NJJ Capital, possède également des participations majoritaires dans les services de télécommunications d'Iliad en France et en Italie.


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About Epic: Epic is the recently rebranded name of the company known as Vodafone Malta.
Established in Malta back in 1990, it was the first to introduce GPRS in 2001 and the first to deploy 3G in 2006. In 2013, the company was the first to deploy 4G across the Maltese islands and the first to introduce plans with integrated roaming for clients on both prepaid and postpaid agreements within EU member states in 2016.
In 2017, the company became the first network to introduce superfast 4.5G to the Maltese islands, making it the country’s fastest network. The new technology allows for the downloading of data at unprecedented speeds, 60 per cent faster than 4G, at up to 210 Mbps.
In October 2018, the company launched the next generation Internet of Things for the first time in Malta, pushing the boundaries of connectivity even further through Narrowband IoT. In 2019, it demonstrated the country’s first live holographic call over 5G. Since April 2020, Epic is owned by Monaco Telecom.




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